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More and more people are starting to watch birds. Birdwatching is getting more popular than ever and that's for a good reason!

Birdwatching is relaxing, healthy and extremely interesting. Enjoy a Kingfisher along the waterfront or a Green Woodpecker in the park. Look for as many varieties as possible or for that special one. A day of birding is the ultimate way to recover from the busy daily life and enjoy the  beautiful nature.

Our team consists of young, enthusiastic and extremely good birdguides, that  have been watching birds since their early childhood. They do know the area well and are always up to date considering the whereabouts and stake-outs of special birds.

According to your wishes we will make an interesting itinerary and for example try to find as many lifers as possible. We can also do a pick-up at Schiphol or at your hotel.

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Bearded Reedling ©Lars Buckx
Red-breasted Goose ©Wouter van der Ham
Black-necked Grebe ©Lars Buckx
Watching birds in the Netherlands
Firecrest ©Sjoerd Radstaak
Kingfisher ©Lars Buckx
Black-tailed Godwit ©Lars Buckx
Lesser White-fronted Goose ©Lars Buckx
Dotterel ©Lars Buckx
Black-throated Loon ©Lars Buckx
Watching birds in the Netherlands
Eurasian Turtle Dove ©Sjoerd Radstaak